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August 9, 2014

chefのssl verify warning

man in the middle atack対策として、chef 11.12系からssl verifyが出来るようになった様です。

SSL validation of HTTPS requests is disabled. HTTPS connections are still encrypted, but chef is not able to detect forged replies or man in the middle attacks.

To fix this issue add an entry like this to your configuration file:

  # Verify all HTTPS connections (recommended)
  ssl_verify_mode :verify_peer

  # OR, Verify only connections to chef-server
  verify_api_cert true

To check your SSL configuration, or troubleshoot errors, you can use the knife ssl check command like so:

  knife ssl check -c /home/webadmin/chef-solo/solo.rb



$ vim .chef/knife.rb

ssl_verify_mode :verify_peer